Weighfish Website and Weighfish TD App Pricing

Pricing for using Weighfish.com and the Weighfish TD App is simple.   The App is Free to download.

  • For tournaments with 20 or less entries (individuals or teams), use is Free.
  • For tournaments with more than 20 entries, a Premium Subscription is required.

Current subscription prices are $4.99 / Month or $29.99 / Year.  All subscriptions are handled via your Weighfish TD App and paid through your Apple or Google account.  Only the Tournament Director uses the app and only the TD pays the subscription.  Tournaments created with an active subscription are never removed should your subscription expire.  You simply need an active subscription on Tournament day or when you update all results for your tournament.

If you normally are good with the free plan, but occasionally host a large tournament (for example a bass club hosting an Open tournament), you can simply subscribe to the Premium subscription prior to adding Entries for that large tournament.  Then you can cancel it after the tournament is complete and you’re sure the results are shown on Weighfish.com as you want.  You will only pay the monthly fee until you cancel the subscription.  Results will still appear on the Weighfish website even after the subscription is cancelled.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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