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Look here for some answers to frequently asked questions.  If you are a tournament director and have specific questions about setting up your tournaments, also take a look at this page.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Tournament Directors

Weighfish supported traditional weigh-in style tournaments.  These can be individual, team, or boater/co-angler format tournaments.  Tournaments by length are not supported.  Weighfish is not for Catch and release or “Major League Fishing” style tournaments.

The easiest way to get the word out is to copy the direct link to your tournament or series from the address bar of your browser.  Paste it in an email, internet forum, or social network site and others will be able to click and go directly to it.  Don’t copy the link from your Dashboard because only you can see that.

When a Tournament Director adds or updates results and information into the Weighfish TD app, that data is sent to the website. The results tables shown on the website tournament pages are then updated with that data.

The results tables in the tournament pages will update and refresh themselves automatically as long as you stay on the webpage on the day of the tournament. Again, that only happens on the tournament page when it’s the date of the tournament. If it’s not the date of the tournament, simply refresh the website page to see the new data as nothing is happening on the webpage itself to know there’s new data to be had without refreshing.

There are three types of tournaments.

  • Individual: This type of tournament should be used when every person fishing is competing against everyone else.  This could be a tournament where there is only one angler per boat, or it could be a tournament where there are boaters and co-anglers but they are all fishing against each other.  Everyone weighs their fish against everyone else.
  • Team: This type of tournament should be used when there is more than one person that makes up a team that competes against other teams.  This is typically where all anglers in the boat have a combined weight that is scored against other teams.  A team tournament doesn’t have to have more than one angler on each team, anglers could fish by themselves too.
  • Boater / Co-angler: This type of tournament should be used when there are two separate sides to the scoring.  This is typically when all the Boaters (people that own the boat and fish out of the front) are fishing against each other and all the Co-anglers (people that fish out of the back of the boat) are fishing against each other.

You can create as many tournaments as you are hosting.  There is currently no limit.

A Series, or Tournament Series, is a logical grouping of tournaments.  An example of this would be a bass club, or a tournament director that hosts a weekly tournament throughout the fishing season.

If you don’t add any images to your tournament, there will be a random default image used with it.  When you do add images to your tournament, you will see your image used instead.

If you have multiple tournament directors, they will need share the login name and password with each other.  There currently is no ability for multiple directors to edit the same tournament.

The Fish Alive field you fill out when entering weights is simply for the tournament director to be able to record and archive that information.  The weights entered are net weights, or weights after all penalties are deducted.  You as the director enter the weight after taking out the dead fish penalty (or any other penalties such as short fish, late check-in, rules violation, etc.).  With all the various penalties that a tournament might have, there just isn’t a great way to cover it all automatically without making it extremely complicated and time consuming to get everything set up correctly for the director.

Yes you can.  Just make sure you uncheck the box to ‘Track Points’ and it won’t be used in points calculations for the Series.

Tournament Competitors

No, you as a competitor do not need to do anything or download any app.  Your Tournament Director does everything.  You can visit to see tournament results and other information.  The Tournament Director can share the web page tournament results on social media, and you can too!  Use the share buttons on each page.

Contact the Tournament Director via the contact form on that tournament page.  They can modify it.  If they aren’t responsive, feel free to contact us here and we can look into it.

Have a question that isn’t answered here?  Just fill out this quick form with your question and we will get back to you.

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